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17 definitions by akendall

A woman's Vagina
Girl: Oh honey, suck my tits...

Guy: Ok, but I'm going for the Squish Mitten right after.
by akendall December 30, 2009
33 24
It's when somebody sneezes so violently and so often, that it appears as though they are having a seizure.
" I watched my little cousin sneeze so many times last night, that I thought he was going to hit the floor and have a sneizure! "
by akendall August 29, 2009
15 6
A really fat hermaphrodite.
WTF. That thing looks like a Hermaphropotamus!!!
by akendall September 16, 2009
4 0
Small breasts.
This chick I slammed last night had such a phat ass but she also had some mini titties.
by akendall September 12, 2009
4 0
A large cock
"Dude, my Gf came over last night, and she totally sucked my Beef Handle"
by akendall June 28, 2009
3 0
When taking a dump, the feces is so large, and hard packed, that it feels as though it is scraping the walls of your anus on the way out.
Guy 1 - Dude, what the fuck were you yelling about in the washroom?

Guy 2 - I just shit out a 3 foot Wall Scraper.
by akendall December 19, 2009
2 0
An athletic hermaphrodite.
Wow, that track star is a real hermaphlete!
by akendall September 16, 2009
3 1