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n: One who gives up sex easily via the anal-sphinchter
Look at that fag backing-up on every man in this joint! He is such an 'asspig'!
by Groinker March 14, 2008
6 7
Someone who enjoys any and all anal activities to the point of fetishism, and beyond.
Girl, I went out with so-and-so, and all that bitch wanted to do was spread those cheeks, she was such an ass pig!!!
by Sombra Pagan July 15, 2004
41 9
A Word Also Used To Describe Daniel Kean, The Ass Pig Of 2009...:)Who Enjoys Taking It Up The Ass.. Funily Enough (:
Ohh My God Niko! Your Such A Curry Bum Nugget!! Not As Bad As Daniel Kean Tho.. Hees Such An Ass Pig... He Told Me How He Takes It Up The Ass... Like An Ass Pig..(:
by Rawx771 May 04, 2009
10 9