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3 definitions by Boarman

The act of having sex. Not to be confused with making love. This act is usually done while intoxicated; making the legs difficult to control for both or numerous people.
Man I was so messed up last night, I was throwin leg with that squirrel and she gave me a black eye.
by Boarman August 14, 2009
A male individual who committs the terrible act of throwin leg with a pig. The individual usually gets into it and leaves the innocent swine injured for life.
No drinking for you tonight. Last week you took down a fifth and turned into an ass reaming pig fucker.
by Boarman August 14, 2009
A dream that usually occurs during a short nap that leaves its victim with a large and often untimely errection.
That pipe dream came at the wrong time, now i have to hide my wood for an hour.
by Boarman August 14, 2009