A fart so potent that it causes everyone in the room to choke to death due to it's disgusting odor.
"While watching the Omen, 65 people died due to assphyxiation."
by Jumoma May 31, 2006
When a girl puts her booty on your face and suffocates you, erotically.
When she gets really horny, she likes to engage in assphyxiation.
by Smmimmy January 24, 2009
suffocation due to a massive buildup of anal gasses
damn, bubba! did you eat all that potato salad? open the WINDOW or i'm gonna die of assphyxiation from yo stank ass!
by barbara January 21, 2003
When a fart is so powerful and noxious it chokes someone or a group of people to death.
Herman, open the windows! I don't want to die of assphyxiation!!!
by petuniafish September 09, 2011
The art of being choked or having one choke someone while having sex or just when you are about to cum
Sheena really enjoys assphyxiation while in the sack.
by Mike November 17, 2004

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