More than a lot and a ton. but less than a shitload and a fuck-ton.
Wow that is an assload of money
by darkrebel08 July 14, 2009
the amount of an object one could fit into their ass.
He could fit 20 ping-pong balls in his ass. It was quite an assload.
by fainting goat September 22, 2010
Per the TV show "Selfie" episode "Nugget of Wisdom," a quantity of twenty-five thousand (25,000) items or occurrences.
An estimated 50,000 calls a year--so, two assloads.
by Pietro Aretino February 26, 2015
n 1. a great quantity. Generally accepted to exceed a butt-load.
"I just ate an ass-load of tacos!"
by MF September 05, 2002
Speaking in terms of time - anything requiring over 4 hours.
In regards to physical objects, more than could be easily carried by the average fat broad.
I have an ass load of work to do this week.
I have an ass load of shingles.
by Phunkmonkee August 20, 2003
The amount of weight a mule is legally allowed to carry in New Mexico. Roughly 765 Lbs.
Slang: A lot.
Sometimes hyphenated: ass-load.
My boss-hole just gave me an assload of work, that son-of-a-bitch.
by Joe_23 May 30, 2013
Old bavarian term used to describe how much weight would break a donkey's back.
1:John Madden weighs more than an ass load.
2: That fucker gave us an ass load of homework. lets get his daughter pregnant.
by s8nlivesagain April 13, 2004

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