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Calling out a stupid person by stating the obvious.
damn, scott - you're such an assfart!
by drew May 24, 2004
84 23
a huge BASS booming fart that's shockwave alerts other people sitting on the couch, bench, floor or bed.
that ASS FART knocked over my drink, and it was 4 feet away!
by brodizzle January 06, 2004
24 9
Flatulence from your ass!
OMG did hear my ass farts they were soo loud!
by venezza February 21, 2008
0 5
a fart that comes out of your ass
i just had an assfart
by wah April 17, 2003
53 58
The Best Known CS Player. Also is very damn good looking.
Damn i wish i was like AssFart, He's so sexy.
by John March 08, 2005
19 105