Childish insult, used when you want to insult a friend without actually hurting their feelings. After getting beaten on a video game, you may call yor friend an "Ass Bag!"
Frazer you are an ass bag!
by Adam Busby April 09, 2006
Assbag is a common word used to explain the level of douchbaggery that an asshole has sunk to.
On the anniversary of our wedding, my asshole ex-husband texted me a picture of his dick - "Assbag!"
by schirato December 02, 2010
hemerroid; a pain in the ass
My boss is such an assbag!
by ERIC June 20, 2003
Is the human equivalent of a colostomy bag or in general terms a bag of shit. Can be interchanged with Ass hole, Dick Head, Jerk and many other words of similar meaning
Jimmy starts too much crap with everyone, he is such an ass bag.
by CrapperV September 11, 2008
Your ex-bf who is such an amazing asshole that he cheated on you for four months, lied straight to your face twice when you asked him about it and then thought that since you knew about it you could keep seeing each other while he kept dating the other girl without telling her about you because he didn't want to hurt her.
Dan is such a fucking assbag!
by bouncejlf June 16, 2009
Originated at Kennedy Middle School in Florida. It is a generic insult, used to replace the already common, "asshole", and "bastard". Basically, someone who is just a bag of ass-ness.
Also can be considered a mixture of "asshole" and "dousche bag"
Get the hell away from me, you ass-bag!
by Kr3nz April 30, 2004
A complete and utter asshole who deserves to big kicked in the ball sack. This word can be combined with jack ass for increased emphasis on the person’s total worthlessness, e.g. jackassbag.
I hope that fucking ass bag rots in hell.
by Patchdawg March 07, 2008

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