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A worthless ass rap artist who started the rap and b craze that we are now stuck in. Instead of rap we get every nigga in the world tryin to sing booty music just because this faggot did it first. Thank you so fucking much you little faggot. I hope you die horribly or do something even more stupid with your life so we can coin your lame ass name as something more. Sellout little bitch...
Any black man on MTV.
by thereason21 January 07, 2005
This faggot ass nigger that lives in my town. He thinks he is a huge drug dealer because he sells 5 20 bags a day. And drives a black chevy caprice that is a total peice of shit. He also thinks he is the cutest nigga alive too bad he only does fat ass white chicks. If you ever see this car you know you are seeing a real piece of human douchebag. He should invest in a assbag.
There goes smizzles, fuckin assbag.
by thereason21 January 08, 2005
1.Noun-Aprotective device that acts a lot like an air bag, for your ass. So when you get knocked the "fuck out", your assbag will deploy to protect your ass.
2. Someone you do not like.
"Man, when marquis got knocked the fuck out its a good thing his assbag came out to protect his dumb ass."
"Ja rule is such a dirty assbag."
by thereason21 January 08, 2005

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