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Slang for marijuana.
"Blowin' on asparagus; The realest shit I ever smoked" - Young Jeezy, "Put On"
by bonkeykong May 13, 2008
276 103
A random vegitable. Tasty. Makes pee smell weird.

Also used as asparagusarific. Asparagusarific is a term saying that something is as good as asparagus.
"That stuff is just asparagusarific"
by Yattasparagus28 September 14, 2003
94 77
1: Delicious Vegetable that should not in any case be shoved up one's genitalia and then feed it to your dog.

2: Abigails Favourite Veggi
Man 1: Hey Did you Hear Abigail put a asparagus in her vag
Man 2 :EWWWW Thats just nastay
by BaileyMclellan6969 April 22, 2011
26 20
Someone who always seems to smell extremely bad and does not even try to clean themself. No matter what time you see this person, they smell awful.
Jordan- (takes off football pads)

Team- Jordan you're an asparagus

Jordan- Shut up fools I smell fresh

Team- You smell awful you asparagus
by Thomas Selser December 10, 2013
5 0
The act of being absent
"My conscience is asparagus today"
by Woopdeedoo! May 12, 2012
8 7
slang for the "man root"... delicious with melted butter (not too least not the butter)
Some asparagus is always in season...
by stimme May 16, 2006
18 47
to spare one of another's misfortune or mistake
josh: (rolling dice) i cant seem to roll a seven!
jenny: gimme it, i can do it!
(after a couple minutes....)
josh: ASPARAGUS, no one can roll a seven...
by ali fricken griswold December 02, 2006
11 44