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Slang for marijuana.
"Blowin' on asparagus; The realest shit I ever smoked" - Young Jeezy, "Put On"
by bonkeykong May 13, 2008
A term for Prince George's county, Maryland. Part of the DMV area (District of Colombia, Maryland and Virginia).
"This is D.C. chillin', P.G. chillin', my name Wale and I came to get it" - Wale, "Chillin"
by bonkeykong February 20, 2009
Adj. Great.

The term refers to the Kellogg's cereal Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger.
"Got dat Tony Tiger kush, man; pimp it smoke great" - Gucci Mane, "Street Niggas"
by bonkeykong February 21, 2009
A person selling (bricks of) cocaine.
"I'm a walking lick; Gucci Mane the talking brick" - Gucci Mane, "Stupid"
by bonkeykong February 20, 2009
A rich person or someone who walks around with a large amount of cash.
"I'm a walking bank roll; you should rubberband me" - Gucci Mane, "Stupid"
by bonkeykong February 20, 2009
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