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An amazing way to procrastinate writing your essay that's due in 20 minutes.
I can't think of what to write next, so I'll just asdfjkl; a few times until I can think of something.
#procrastination #;lkjasdf #homework #boredom #keyboards
by youareyouronlyenemy October 23, 2007
The standard keys to place one's fingers on when typing on a standard layout keyboard. sometimes referred to as the home row. Corresponds as follows:
Left pinkey, "a"; left ring finger, "s"; left middle finger, "d"; left pointer, "f"; either/both thumb/s goes on space bar; right pointer, "j"; right middle finger, "k"; right ring finger, "l"; right pinkey, ";".

One may also pound on these keys before attempting to type out of frustration or anger. Sometimes an outlet for writer's block.
ex1 (standard layout): asdf jkl;
ex2 (frustration all at once): ljkadsf;ljkadsas;dklfakl;sdjf;lkjsadf;
ex3 (frustration outer to inner): a;lskdjf
ex3 (frustration inner to outer): fjdksla;
ex4 (frustration left to right): asdfjkl;
ex5 (frustration right to left): ;lkjfdsa
#home row #asdf #jkl; #asdf jkl; #asdfjkl;
by Erik Price October 23, 2007
Used on the Internet to express emotions such as frustration, anger, or the action of having a spasm. May have variations such as "flas;djk" and "ajowivend."
WTF? asdfjkl;! JERK! *slap*
#dang #wtf #frustration #anger #fack
by J e f f March 17, 2008
Expression used when someone is aggravated. Typically used on Facebook and Myspace when one has nothing to say but wants to show his/her frustration.
Shawn: So are we still on for the movies tonight?
Jessica: No, I'm busy.
Shawn: asdfjkl;
#frustration #anger #ugh #grr #asfdjkl
by Rikkkkkkkki April 11, 2009
When you are so flustered you can barely even type words
Oh my god that new episode just asdfjkl;
#tv #asdfjkl; #fangirl #fanboy #freaking #out #flustered
by qxicksilver June 23, 2015
Everything, it means everything.

Your mind was just blown.
#everything #swag #derp #getting low #flying mint bunny
by fmbotaku02 July 03, 2014
The "home keys" of the keyboard. In other words, your fingers go here when you're not typing, or where you start from before you type.
There really is no example I can think of...asdfjkl;
#asdfjkl; #home keys #homekeys #keyboard #keyboarding
by Jeffrey Sayers October 14, 2007
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