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Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malts. Stout was first brewed by Guinness of Ireland and was originally called Stout-Porter, as its recipe was a variation of that for porter beer. It encompasses a large enough class of beers and subclasses of beers, that Stout and Porter are considered two distinct styles.
I got totally drunk after only 4 pints of stout
by dookie February 28, 2004
A derogatory term to describe someone of inferior intelligence, physical appearance, social skills or character. See also Fucker.
Awww, crap! Listen, fignuts, the tour is either in the commissary by now or in the Howling Mad Gift Shop.
by Dookie October 01, 2003
forget about it(from the movie Donnie Brasco)
You think he knows what I'm talkin about?--Fuggettaboutit
by dookie January 14, 2005
Quite possibly the BIGGEST poseurs in Hollywood. They whine about how their life sucks and they hate everyone. Then, 13 year old tennyboppers listen to their music and decide they can't take the 'stress' anymore and commit suicide.
Teenybopper: *listens to Simple Plan*
Oh my gaaaaawd. I hate my liiiiiiiiife. I can relate to these guys sooooo much because nobody listens to me and everyone hates meeeeeeeee.
*slits wrists*
by Dookie March 08, 2005
1. a small town in PA, once home of the infamous Matt Williams.
2. getting blown from a hooker behind a news paper box
i met this bitch della hicks, she mont clared the shit out of me.
by dookie March 30, 2005
Having a/your penis in a womans vagina while simultaneously having your testicles lodged in her anus.

See also keeping the dog in the bathtub
OH MY GOD! That guy has his dick in her twat, and balls in her ass! What a Plum Fuck!
by Dookie March 31, 2005
A language similar to wordPig Latinword, developed during the early 1990's whereby all beginning consonants in a word are replaced with the letters "sm".
Smut smif sme smorm smoopers smollow sme smoids, smat smould smead smem smack smome! (But if the storm troopers follow the droids, that would lead them back home!)
by Dookie October 01, 2003
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