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1. Ruler of your brainless soul...He owns you and your sorry subconscious self.
2. An action performed to prevent one from being fatally wounded to the head while being chased down by a rabid butterfly. Ohh… it is possible.
"Saif owns me!"

"Ahh help help I'm bieng chased down by a rabid butterfly..I'm gonan Saif"
by WiseGUY January 12, 2005
One who thinks they know-it-all, but couldn't tell you their ass from their elbow.
Some smackass at poker last night was insisting that a three-of-a-kind beats a flush.

That smackass drives a Jeep, but tells everyone he owns a truck.
by wiseguy February 24, 2004
(1)n. often the mispelled form of "sheriff" (2)n. usually a suspected terrorist (3) a good friend when you dont own money to him (3) v. in javaneese- the conjugated past tense of "to snort while laughing"
(4) the other one
(1) the shariff shot the bandit.
(2) you better pat down shariff, he might bomb the unit.
(3) avoid shariff until check comes.
(4) waka shariff icka "ha ha" no mana
by wiseguy June 20, 2003
A piece of junk, often used as a doorstop or paper weight. Also see shit or crap.
I'll trade you this paperclip for that apple computer.
by Wiseguy June 29, 2003
Something that a pimp would have, or doing something that a pimp would do.
Also something that hurting white boys say a lot.
Those rims are some serious pimp shit.
You fucked those three broads? That's some serious pimp shit.
by Wiseguy June 28, 2003

An insult given to the beater by the beatee while the beatee is getting beaten up by the beater on a chilly, icy, winter night on boxing day.
"Stop physically harrasing me u Anuj!!!"
by WiseGUY January 12, 2005
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