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an acronym meaning All Points Bulletin - a bulletin broadcast to all officers, often with information about a suspect who is to be detained.
put out an APB for a white male, 5'8, brown hair
by KB888 March 07, 2005
A slow, sloth like creature with a curious self defence system. When threatened this beast will hammer wildly with the sides of his two front appendages, which form into a club like shape, curiously it only uses the sides of the clubs, bringing them down vertically, much like a man swinging a hammer. Its diet consists of fungi and small children.
Small Child: AHHHH!!! IT'S AN APB! D:
by General Queeg June 12, 2009
APB is an acronym used in spanish and mean "A Prueba de Boludos" (Stupid proof)
Este manual es APB (This Manual us stupid proof)
by Lord HiperiX May 13, 2008
a piece of bullshit
A new online game APB is an apb
by sorryboy November 26, 2009
A Prostitute Bitch
I got a APB in every major city in the U.S.
by Da Mck June 13, 2009
'apb' stands for "Already Posted Before" in some community forums.
This is an old news, it's apb.
Apb, find something fresher.
by Ways March 12, 2006
Air Pants Babe ( when girls let a silent stinky fart )
was eating beans & I know it wasnt me. So I said, honey you need an apb !! Oh Yah! she pulled my finger & I ripped of a big fart NOW YOU NEED AN APB!!
( eaten beans is fun at our house...)
by itichie_nocanpo June 27, 2006
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