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Blunts dipped in cough syrup. good ass shit...but can be hard to light at times
summer:would u like a blunt?
speck:sure, but get the cough syrup so we can make a candy blunt
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005
a hush hush way to ask a person if they smoke weed.
originating from the thots of a pothead
allie: are you anywhere?
speck: all the time man
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005
to hallucinate is to see things that are not really there, or to distort objects that are there, shrooms, and acid will make you hallucinate.
i took some acid and saw pixies playing around my head for hours, i was hallucintating
by sheaspeck May 28, 2005
Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint.
very good shit
guy 1: hey can i have that blunt???
guy 2: hell no man! it's a 3750
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005
when you think sumthin will happen...when in the end it doesn't happen..much like when you get a boner...and never wackoff
the team was up by 20, and i was sure we would win...but got beat by 2...what a blue ball moment
by sheaspeck August 17, 2005
a person who smokes weed.get it? you know, like to go get baked, or toasted
that dude is one cool baker...i wonder if he will bake with me?
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005
marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or embalming fluid, sometimes laced with PCP and smoked
i smoked amps all night long and now i feel like shit today
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005

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