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Sarcasm, saying 'sorry' but not actually apologising, mocking.
Note- Said in high-pitched voice, long, drawn out: ' Sowwyyyyyyyyy', can be accompanied with hand-gesture.

Gesture: Waggle forefinger and middle finger together, keeping fist and hand curled up near chin. Waggle fingers in direction of person you are 'Sowwee-ing'.
Becky: 'You just ruined my Prada dress!'
Nancy: (who doesn't care about the Prada dress) 'Oh, *hand gesture* Sowwee!'
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
Well, there was this really shit supermarket called Safeway. And everyone knew it was shit. Then something happened, and it stopped being shit for a while, and everyone went their and talked about how good it was. But then, the novelty wore off and it went back to being shit, but obviously it was called Morrisons now.

'to Morrison'- to be lame, and suddenly become cool. ( and usually go back to being lame afterwards.
He Morrisons, she Morrison, they Morrison, he Morrisonned, he will Morrison...
Long-winded idiot sentence: ' Oh yeah, Norman, he was a complete n00b, but then he got some Ralph Lauren shirts and his acne went away, and everyone liekd him, but then his acne came back and he told us he was in love with Harry Potter.'
Simplified equivalent: 'Norman completely Morrisonned.'

Person A: 'I have a feeling Norman will Morrison soon.'
Person B: 'No way, he has ultimate real-life acne.'
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
A term to describe how you felt when you saw something that you hated, but had to put up with and/or couldn't mention, usu. because it belongs to a friend.
Used in bitching, can be abbreviated as in (b), for text/shorthand speech.
Note- not for when soemthing ACTUALLY makes you feel sick.
' Linda's handbag mad me mentally vomit, but she was wearing it all day.'

(b)Linda's bag-mental vomit!
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
Use as a prefix, instead of 'total', 'complete', 'actual' etc. Livens up sentences.
' She is a real-life mentalist'/ ' I am a real-life idiot'
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
A. An imaginitive and quite hilarious word to denote negativity, in anything.
B. Can also be used as offensive term.
A. I have to wash up, how anus is that?/Her new purse is totally anus/That is the most anus hairstyle ever...

B. Shutup you actual anus.
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
For use as word, not typed, pronounced ' Roffle-May-Oh', use in speech. Effect is lost in text conversations. Mocking tone, use is ironic, allusions to those who use 'ROFLMAO' literally, as this is not cool.

1a. Something that is not funny AT ALL.

1b. Butting into another's conversation to mock them, when they are having a conversation about something they think is hilarious but is in fact, not funny AT ALL.
1a. Cool Person A: Why did the chicken cross the road? TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!
Cool Person B: Er... ROFLMAO.

1b. Geek A: I saw a totally RANDOM squirrell!
Geek B: OH MY GOD!
(Both GEEKS laugh)
Cool Person: (butting in) OH MY GOD ROFLMAO!
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007

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