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Type: Adjective

The politically correct way of describing something as "negatively gay," also meaning, but not limited to:

1. stupid;

2. dumb;

3. not Karta;

4. going against all things that are cool;

5. going against all the teachings of Kooch.

Anti-heterosexualism may be used to describe diseases, but it is not advised.

If your reaction to "curing a ham" is "OMG you guys the ham is sick?" then you may be anti-heterosexual.
"That is so anti-heterosexual."

"That shirt he is wearing is very anti-heterosexual."

"I can't believe she's dating her. That's seriously anti-heterosexual."
by prankmaster July 12, 2005
Type: Adjective

Describing and/or pertaining to something or someone being insultingly gay.

Also used as anti-h.
"Dang, did you see him, he was carrying a purse."

"Yeah, that's seriously anti-heterosexual."

"Man, that joke was anti-h."
by prankmaster July 28, 2005
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