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Japanese transliteration of 'anal', meaning, in this instance, anal sex. In current use.
Anaru sex is stereotyped to gay men only, but ANY woman will tell you that's TOTALLY false. >D
by Louey March 22, 2007
Anaru maori definition ''gods angel from heaven'' means lovely to be around , christian ,seeks to be in love with a woman of his life.usally a nice loving girl that loves his attention.and a athletic , fit and a really good singer.
jesse: anaru ring me

anaru: ok

jesse: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by chelsea poefen September 26, 2011
A name for a hot maori boy in new zealand. He is a player with the women in new zealand. it a word to give maori boys who are typically like the company of women. they mostly are very fit and good looking
Girl 1: man that dude is defitnitly a ANARU!
Girl 2: hard! id do him in a seacond! il ask him out!!
Jason "ANARU" clane: hey girls!
by kia ora my name is boy April 17, 2010