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Incest between twins. In the world of fanfiction, this is both a frequent and yummy occurance that we, as human beings, should be eternally grateful for. <3
Hizashi/Hiashi is mad twincest. <3
by Louey March 23, 2007
'Hinata' and 'retard'. Hinata is one of numerous side characters from the anime Naruto. Hinatards are people who OBSESS over Hinata, thinking she's the coolest most beautiful most pwnsome character in the HISTORY of cool, beautiful, pwnsome characters. Hinatards, like most -tards, are complete and utter dumbasses. But we like them anyway. <3
The Hinatards think Hinata is more powerful than Yondaime.
by Louey March 23, 2007
Play on the words 'yaoi' and 'retard'. It's a usually-derogatory term used to denote someone who has an obsessive or blind fixation on yaoi, whether or not the pairing in question is even probable. Yaoitards are usually n00bs, too.
There's an abundance of yaoitards in the Naruto fandom. Their presence makes me feel very, very violent.

Yaoitardation is a DISEASE, one that I am glad to have caught. <3
by Louey March 23, 2007
Combination of the names 'Zabuza' and 'Haku', a canon-to-some/fanon-to-others yaoi couple from the anime Naruto. Zabuza took Haku in, and raised him to be the ultimate ninja and the ultimate tool. Haku's feelings, whether you want to imply shounen-ai or not, were made glaringly obvious by his unwavering devotion to Zabuza. After all was said and done, though, they *both* really cherished one another.

'ZabuHaku' implies that Zabuza is the dominant partner (as opposed to 'HakuZabu'), but both can be used interchangeably.
ZabuHaku is hawt yaoi buttsecks, and is the most canon of all canon-y things. <3
by Louey March 22, 2007
Japanese transliteration of 'anal', meaning, in this instance, anal sex. In current use.
Anaru sex is stereotyped to gay men only, but ANY woman will tell you that's TOTALLY false. >D
by Louey March 22, 2007
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