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God's gift to coffee drinkers. 2-3 shots of espresso in hot water.
2 or 3 americano's daily is a perfect display of patriotism
by arsenal057 April 12, 2004
the act of oral sex performed by a female to a male while the male smokes a fine cigar
Johnny was sitting on the porch while Sarah Anne gave him an Americano under the table.
by Ernie Hemmingway January 31, 2009
Nickname given to Americans living in places without many Spanish-speakers or Starbucks, meaning the native people using the term don't understand it's not really all that funny.
i.e. Australia
"Hey, Americano, hahaha."

"Whatever dude."
by Ryan Mock April 19, 2005
God's gift to people who drink coffee. 2-3 shots of espresso in hot water.
"What the fuck is this fur covering my anus, Walter?"

"That's just fandangle hair, Kristin. Golly, you sure have a lot of it."

"Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling."
by BwanaDik April 12, 2004
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