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It's way to say "bitch" in Brazilian Portuguese. It is very offensive, so don't use it.
Sua vadia, você transou com o meu namorado!
É, foi muito bom.

You bitch, you had sex with my boyfriend!
Yeah, it was so good.
by Luizin March 19, 2010
It's a Brazilian slang for "nigga", but in Brazil we use it either with black and white people. We use it to greet friends. It's not a offensive word in Brazil, but sometimes it can be.
Coé neguinho, tranquilo?
Fala aí parceiro, tô tranquilo!

Yo nigga, what's up?
Hey bro, I'm fine!
by Luizin March 19, 2010
Brazilian slang for asshole. It is very offensive!
Seu cuzão, tu fudeu minha vida!

You asshole, you fucked up my life!
by Luizin March 19, 2010
It's a way that many Brazilians use to call the american football or football as it called in the USA. It can be translated as "footfag". Most of us think it is a gay thing, and they also think it supposed to be called handball, because the football players rarely use their feet.
Homem 1: "Bando de viados, isso é só uma desculpa para os viados se agarrarem! Essa merda devia se chamar futebicha americano."
Homem 2: "Concordo, essa merda é coisa de viado!"

Guy 1: "Bunch of fags; that's just an excuse for fags grab each other! This shit supposed to be called footfag."
Guy 2: "I agree; this fucking shit is such a gay thing!"
by Luizin March 20, 2010
"To jump in the microwave oven"

It's slang for what the drug dealers from Rio de Janeiro do with the police informants (or X9) and his enemies. They put a person into a pile of tires, they throw some kind of fuel, and then they set fire on you.
As you must know; it is a horrible way to die!
Traficante: "Seu X9 filho da puta, tu vai pular no microondas!"

Drug Dealer: "You mother fucker police informant, you'll die burning in fire!"
by Luizin March 20, 2010
Brazilian Portuguese slang for "cop". It also can mean "worm".
Aquela rua tá lotada de verme, cara!

That street is full of cops, dude!
by Luizin March 19, 2010
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