antonym of: versatile

meaning: adj. Someone who is only willing to have sexual relations with very attractive people or people with certain very specific characteristics.

1. Benny is only attracted to northamerican or french, high fashion, blonde models. He is very ambitious.

2. "Man! Did you see that woman walk by? She has a great body. I'd totally tap that."

-"She has an ugly face, though."


" I am afraid I am too ambitous for that."
by Ahksmar February 23, 2012
Top Definition
Trying hard to take on a goal of some kind

** the goal usually is way to hard to accomplish and the ambitious person usually ends up only half-way there**
She was ambitious about becoming the first virgin super-model.
by Samme A April 07, 2008
1. It is another term for horny. You can't just go around saying "i'm horny." In public, well, you could but you would get weird stares.

2. Synonym for Horny. Means you want to get things done!!
"Im so ambitious right now."

by Woodpecker. February 14, 2010
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