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noun: a very intense yawn of long duration that is induced by a prolonged state of boredom.

1. Oh *yawns*, my god what a boregasm I just had! I am exhausted from it.

2. I had boregasm so hard, I even squirted...tears from my eyes.
by Ahksmar February 23, 2012
antonym of: versatile

meaning: adj. Someone who is only willing to have sexual relations with very attractive people or people with certain very specific characteristics.

1. Benny is only attracted to northamerican or french, high fashion, blonde models. He is very ambitious.

2. "Man! Did you see that woman walk by? She has a great body. I'd totally tap that."

-"She has an ugly face, though."


" I am afraid I am too ambitous for that."
by Ahksmar February 23, 2012
Slang: It refers to a person's willingness to have sexual relations with people of diverse appearances regardless of their respective level of attractiveness and beauty.

1."Benny only likes blondes. He should be versatile, like me. I don't care about hair color."

2. "Hey, look at that babe hanging out with her ugly friend."

- "I'd tap them both."


-"Oh stop it! You already knew I was versatile"
by Ahksmar February 23, 2012

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