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Starting a cult to eliminate ugly people by brainwashing followers to believing that the only true beauty is you, so they all seek to achieve ultimate sexiness through body modifications in your image... But you can't have threesomes with any of them... If you do that, then you've fucked yourself...
Braedan: Braedan, Braedan is high fashion...
Braedan: High fashion is Braedan...
by Trashlight December 06, 2014
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High fashion is having the mindset that to look good you must look the part. Though you must not look different or stand out. Most people use higher class brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace etc. These people of a higher fashion might look similar to you and me but theyre not.
He just got that high fashion Louie.
by Asslord2269420 December 08, 2015
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