The thing you didn't repay that led to a large Italian man breaking your knees.
"I really need alone, so I went to Twitxhy Jimmy, who was more than willing to help me for afee.
by Leon the Leg August 15, 2005
i hate bein alone!!! when ever im alone i always end up cuttin myself!!!im so stupid
"alone"a feeling deep down iside when u feel no one cares foe you!!!!
by luke cotton July 08, 2004
alas... the scum ass kid who sits by himself in 7th period lunch, serching the room for some soul to talk to with the occasional glance over twards our tabe. as well as after school.... sitting.... staring.... so ugly and so alone!
you are freakin alone
by §hàn November 15, 2004
Priyanka lies and is actually sleeping with will
Priyanka says she is "alone " but in reality she is with will
by Angelique July 24, 2015

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