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System of Education is set up, and that's all. It doesnt take part as an independent learning system, no roles in such developement. Teachers may walk all over students, use drugs for recreation, or look at the kids in a sexual manner; even act like a lesbian. Kindof worse than the old days when saints used to smack the fingers with rulers. System eventually ends up to commit to dept for thier strife, lies and poor handlement.
The scam school is the only one to suffer.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009
when a girl cries from being seriously injured, so you rebully her and reinjure her and try to teach her to get sexually harassed and assaulted as well. It makes her stop crying for a second. Especially used on physically ill in the late 1900's by clown possy's, slave drivers, greeks, and satanic believers.
She walked bad so we gathered our smarts and cursed her with our puss talk, she cried and we never saw her again.

the girl cursed with thier puss talk was voiceless and ready to keel in cold shock.

Puss talk leads to internet blow jobs.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009
slave drivers and mind controllers work together to warp someone so they can kill them and get their benefits in the end. Sometimes Nazi's and blue bloods catch these people and save the bistandard. Pushing someone meant for life beyond thier wellbeing into an unnatural punishment for no reason. To control small people and take them for granted and turn them into a different face so no one will know.
The alienation she had, Oh God look at her poor distressed clit and her skin turning like skunk. Now her teeth are not affixed.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009
A guy who knows what he is talking about and is completely right about the America Society and how incredebly rude they are. Gets sick to his stomach about the past 2 presidents. Does not appreciate Muggalofo's. If you fall, he's got the slack and really knows how to give it back.
Eminem is on top.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009

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