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MRP stands for Mature Role-Play. Role-Play in this definition refers to the typing RP done in video games, chatrooms and forums.

MRP is role-playing that may involve violence, strong language, drama and quite often sex scenes, though unlike ERP, the scenes are a sub-product of the RP, not the whole RP.

MRP will usually be a long term role-play and anything that happens in the RP will effect the characters for the rest of the storyline. MRP is suggested only to those who can understand adult situations and consequences as well as those who do not mind having their character die or change completely if the RP calls for it.

MRP is basically RP that is rated R.

The term is often confused with ERP by people who think maturity means sex, but it is very different.
We should have an MRP to develop the characters.
by Villanite December 28, 2007
M : Most
R : Recent
P : Puker
Jose : I think I might be the MRP, that vodka was too much.

Enrique : Hell no, that stupid bitch Nancy puked all over my jeans at 4am, she is the official MRP.
by calibar December 13, 2010
A man with a dick so large that he can skewer women.
Dude i walked in on this couple last night i think it was mr.p
by meowscars February 16, 2015
A word to describe a guy who is an absoulte legend.
1, Dan is Mr P, he is awesome!!
by Jayne M November 28, 2008
The Magical Red Pen, belonging to the delegate of Luxembourg, that made its breakthrough appearance at RCIMUN and stunned all the delegates that saw it.
Delegate A: How did you write such an incredible resolution?
Delegate B: I used the MRP!
by PedroFile April 22, 2009
a group of immigrants at WWHS who think they own the school when really they belong in other countries. rarely seen at social events because they are too hot to hook up with girls. many think they'e gay, others just simply think they're foreign. WARNING: extremely difficult to engage in intelligent conversation with mrp members because english is NOT their native language
holla at my fellow members: exclusive MRP bond sesh at mi casa after homecoming we will be deciding if the kappa boys are allowed in our group
by MRP4LIFE November 17, 2004
another word closely related to shit
timmy: dude did your parents catch you!?

jimmy: na dude but i was mrping my pants
by joeyjoejoeshobadoe October 12, 2011
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