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A melato beauty. She wears glasses that only she can pull off perfectly. Her voice is that of a show choir soloist and her dance moves can't be touched. She plays guitar and writes amazing melodies. She is sarcastic and witty but also very compassionate. She loves Jurassic Park and Jesus. She is amazing!
Hey there glasses!
Alexandra is amazing!
by Alexandraisfun April 25, 2013
Usually a girl's name. She's one of the strongest people you'll ever meet. She is the most patient and caring person you could ever meet. She deserves more than she has, so spoil her. She is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She is worth every second of your time, and you'll never regret staying up all night with her. She'll change your life, making it the best you could want it to be. She can make you smile just by smiling herself. You'll disagree at times, but you'll both apologize the next day. You could talk for days about how amazing she is. When you don't see them for a while you may go insane. Once you get to know her, you'll feel protective of her. She is not a snobby person, and never will be. She is nice to people who deserve it. She has random bi-polar moments that make her that much better. You could talk to her for hours about anything with her. One way or another, she finds a way to keep you out of trouble. She will always say something negative about her appearance even though she always looks beautiful. Always remind her she is beautiful. IN the worst of times she will be happy. She won't admit at first, but she is like every other person and has problems, and just needs someone to talk to. You just have to be there for her. You will never be able to describe her because there is so much to talk about. If you ever meet an Alex(andra), keep her close. She's is worth everything. You'll want to be with her forever.
Guy 1- i took an Alexandra home last night.

guy 2- Dude, treat her right, she deserves it.
by Robbykal June 03, 2013
Alexandra can walk on water if she so chooses.
by humbleol'me January 21, 2012
A girl who is very innocent and shy at first, but once you get to know her it's like a mind-explosion party. Even if she's not the popular girl she will be the type who is sometimes very in and now; she is sweet and nice, everything you could ever want in a best frined, sister, girlfriend or anything.
Person #1: Alexandra couldn't kill a fly

Friend: Want to bet?
by Buggie111 April 24, 2011
An Alexandra is the most caring, kind, fun person you'll ever meet. She always brings light to everything and brightens ur life! She's extremely stylish and beautiful and knows how to party hard. She loves to go out with freinds and have a great time. She likes to entertain everybody and talks to every person she comes encounter with. Always a social butterfly, talkative, fun, and entertaining. Alexandras are total flirts and always get the best guys. She is known to get a drunk at times but thats part of the crazy fun being freinds with an Alexandra is.
i'm now blinded with joy from just talking to an alexandra
by A:)W August 07, 2011
They are very creative, hot, beautiful, and EVERYONE loves her! When she's nice, it's like an angel is in front of you, but when she's mad, you may aswell get the heck outa there. They are very good at winning things over, and being seductive. I can't find anything bad about Alexandras!
"Woah, who's that chick?" Matt asked Nat.

"Not sure, but she sure looks like one of those Alexandras, if you know what I mean," he replies.
by Alexandra_Love September 07, 2012
Alexandra, one of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. She's shy at first, but unlike most you'll get more than you bargained for. You might of heard things about her, but she's not as bad as you've been told. Yes, she's probably the biggest bitch you'll ever meet, but you'll get used to it. Not to mention her voice. The loudest thing you'll ever hear if she gets angry. If you can't handle her when she's sober don't even try when she's drunk. She's a fire cracker don't give her any reason to be pissed at you. And just because she doesn't talk about herself or feelings doesn't mean she's not into you, that's just how she is until she can 100% trust you. She's been hurt one too many times, so everyone is kept at arms length. But if you get the chance to have an Alexandra, don't ever let her go. You'll regret it.
School Girl: "Alexandra is such a bitch."
Friend: "You'd be if you here too."

Boy: "I'm gonna marry Alexandra one day."
Friend: "If she ever let's you."
by Bongyboy August 16, 2012
A person called Alexandra is normally a kind, caring, funny, wild klutz. She knows how to make people laugh and lighten the mood and make anyone crack up. Alexandra's can give good advice and help with most problems they are also awesome best friends and can make you smile just by the way they say something. She is also usually a really hot person and can woo anyone but when she's in love she has to show it and can't keep it in.
p1: "Hey who's that over there she's so hot!"
p2: "I dunno but her name must be Alexandra!"
by akl January 24, 2013