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Alexandra, is someone who can only be defined as a goddess. She is flawless with her spicy booty. She is magnificent and can perform miracles with mascara. Usually she will have dazzling eye makeup to go with her spiffy style, but can become very jealous of another girl very easy, sometimes of even boys. Alexandra is expensive and can be dramatic at times, but usually is her usual organic, zippy self. This girl can drink a lot, loves drugs, and is gorgeous well she does all of this. She is someone who is upfront with everything, so if someone is pissing her off, she will go straight up to them and deck them in the face. Alexandra is enchanting, usually found passed out somewhere naked. She hates to be alone, and can stay wake with a friend no matter what. This is why Alexandra is the best friend anyone could ever have, she is the silly to my billy. ♥

P.s Unfortunately Alexandra likes to act too crazy sometimes resulting in her being sent to live in Bum-Fuck Nowhere, Alberta.
Melissa: hello miss Alexandra,

Alexandra: hola amigo
Melissa: have you had something to drink this afternoon?
Alexandra: its five o’clock somewhere,

by billy♥ May 29, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is super sexy and smart. Alexandra is the best friend you could ask for! She is bomb, hot as hell, and everyone loves her! She is a super good dancer and singer.
guy: dude that girl over there is the shit!

guy 2: oh yeah shes a total Alexandra!

guy: damn. shes hot.
by Allyson Brown November 06, 2010
The coolest person ever alive. Is very smart, pretty, and outgoing. Usually dates chad's, or people that have the characteristics of being a bro. This girl will likely be involved in lots of activities, and is always a lot of fun to be around.
Dude, that Alexandra chick needs to move on from that Chad guy she always dates. He is such a bro.
by one cool katty watyy!! December 29, 2009
Alexandra. She is the most beautiful girl you will EVER see. Her kisses and words will set your soul on fire. she is the most kind and tender-hearted girl youll ever meet. her eyes will make your problems dissapear, and the way she speaks will make your heart melt. when shes not with you, itll feel like you havent seen her in 1000 years, so youll miss her. you will get turned on by her just walking past you in the hallway. shes truly an angel, and she came from heaven. i love Alexandra :
Jacob's friend-"i hear youre dating Alexandra"
Jacob-"yeah, she hot isn't she?"
Jacob's friend-"dude, i wish i could get girls like her, shes damn sexy"
Jacob-"yeah, shes an angel :"
by Raziel731 April 01, 2011
A pretty pretty princess. The cats meow. The prettiest girl on the planet. The girl i could love and sometimes get a rosie o' donnell to haha. How i wish she was not so sarcastic, but hey, its what makers her , well, her. She's unique and could be oher own self around me.
Man, I just love that Alexandra
by iluvkitttycatsss June 09, 2010
Alexandra is the cutest girl you'll ever meet. She likes to pronounce words in a cutsey way like SkypEE when it's pronounced Skype. She likes to distract her boyfriend in potentiailly dangerous situations by doing cutsey things. She is also sexy, smart, and likes to overthink things. She is never sarcastic but she is a very honest person. To describe this girl in one word would not be sufficient, but she is usually described as being amazing, awesome, beautiful.
I was driving and she pulled an Alexandra.
by Matt The Marvelous October 20, 2010
A gorgeous girl with a great personality. She is the love of my life. She has a great sense of humor and is smart too. Every one likes her. With one smile, all fall in love. She is all around perfect. She has true beauty. No one can ever compare. If you don't know her you want to. Iloveher!
I love you Alexandra
by NikkilovesAlli April 16, 2011