The Best Best BEST BEST friend you'll EVER meet in your life. She makes your days PERFECT. She's ALWAYS there for you, giving the BEST advices and always supporting you. She's beautiful, intelligent, nice, sociable, cool, and DEFINITELY special. She's the only one that will make your day PERFECT. ONE IN A MILLION!
by DomoKun February 28, 2013
A sweet girl with a spunky attitude. Can be really crazy and is always fun to be around. She is a great person to be friends with, and is a HUGE fan of anime. She is selfless and shy, but when she gets to know you, she is really sweet and caring. She always has a smile on her face. even through rough times. She has so far had two boyfriends. One turned out to be a total jerk, and the other she had to move so she lost him. Nicknames include Ally, Aj (because of her middle name), and Alex. She is friendly and has had many close friends that she keeps in touch with. A wonderful poet for being fairly young, and is a fantastic writer. She has touched the hearts of many.
Hey Alexandra! How was your day today?
Great! How was yours?
Wonderful now that I can talk to you!
by WHATISMYNAME? October 07, 2011
A girl who will do anything in her power to make someone happy. She is very determined to achieve something she wants done. She is smart and beautiful. She has many friends and many guys like her. She is the most loyal girlfriend that anyone could have. Her eyes are so bright and by staring at them you get lost. She is small and thin, but she is physically stong but more strong hearted. She gets jealous very easily and wants the best in a relationship. When she is happy everyone has a good time, but when shes sad or mad, DONT mess with her! At first she is shy and seems innocent but once you know her she is loud and crazy! She is the most amazing girl you will have in your life. She will be a great wife and mother. you will love her forever and always!
is Alexandra yours?
you are so lucky!!
by birdylove2 September 15, 2013
No face is more beautiful than Alexandra's. She's everything you could ever want in a person. You'll for sure fall in love with her, because she's absolutely perfect.
I fall more in love with you everyday Alexandra
by Xoxo083009 February 08, 2013
A best friend. She may be hard to understand at first, but once you take the time to get to know her she will always be a person you turn to. Her greatest achomplishment in life is living, as far as she knows, and to others it is her greatest achomplishment too, because if she wasn't living they would have never met her. She loves the attention of boys and is always caught flirting even when she simply thinks of that boy as a friend. She has a memory like no other and tell her your birthday once and she will be wishing you a happy birthday until you die. She has a pashion for singing and her beauty always finds a way to shine through. She always goes by Alex but when introducing herself she always calls herself Alexandra.
Boy: Who is that girl over there?

Girl: Oh thats Alexandra
by missmiss May 25, 2013
a princess of the world.Kind and pretty,always nice to
people.Shes a goddess in her own way.No one can be prettier
than her.Everyone wants to be her friend.looks good in swimsuits.Skinny,Nice,and Likes Hats.
Guy:wow Alexandra is...whats the word?
Guy:ya but even prettier...
by No one is here May 08, 2012
Alexandra is one of the most genuine and loving girls you will ever meet. She is outgoing and will always put a smile on your face. Always there for you if you need her, she makes a very supportive and loyal girlfriend to any guy she is with. She loves being in relationships, but is also happy when she's not. Alexandra is very sensual and gives off an aura of mystery and passion. She is artistic and creative. Loves her man and all her friends.
Alexandra is my favorite person.
by Uknoimboutit August 28, 2014
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