Quite possibly the shittiest city ever. The cops are all corrupt and often get away with killing their wives, fucking hookers on the hoods of their cruisers, and basically just doing whatever the fuck they want. Albuquerque has no "good side of town," only areas that are slightly less shitty. In the south (affectionately known as the Warzone due to it's gang violence) are cholos and gangster black folk. To the east are rich, stuck up white people that nobody likes; to the west are a mixture of cholos and retarded lower-class white people that need a little more chlorine in their gene pool. Lastly, you have the north, which is inhabited by mid- to lower-upper-class white folk with a huge sense of entitlement. Albuquerque suffers from a Meth Epidemic, and a large portion of the teenage population enjoys some form of illegal drug. If you are ever considering moving to Albuquerque, save yourself the time and shave your head with a cheesegrater, sandpaper your genitalia, and shove icepicks through both your eyes. It's better than getting stuck in the Land of Entrapment.
Many Iraq War veterans return home to Albuquerque and immediately request transfer to any combat zone anywhere to get out of this God-Forsaken Hell Hole
by Hoss598 January 01, 2012
the place where dream go to die.
He moved to Albuquerque with big hope for himself, but now he just sits at his desk at the labs, waiting for a accident to kill everyone.
by me201111 November 09, 2010
about the same beautiful but much cheaper than its touristic neighbour santa fe. has rather village than city culture despite of its population of 550 thousands. mostly too hot during day and too cold on night.
if you don't like weather in albuquerque, wait 5 minutes
by Vabq April 26, 2006
The biggest city in the 505. A dirty old town with no redeeming qualities. Home of the worst drivers in existance. It has the remarkable ability to trap everyone who comes here for life. Huge wealth gap, home to the poorest and richest neighboorhoods in the country. Has lots of rich bastard WASPS, but has three times as many illegals. Too hot at day, too cold at night. Most of the city is gang territoty, but the eastern part is where the rich people live. Pretty much just a miniature version L.A., except a lot shittier. Also known as burque and apple-cookie.
guy1: "Man, this city sucks ass."
guy2: "no shit, it's albuquerque"
*BAM* (both killed by driveby)
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
Possibly the greatest comedy song ever written. It was written by Wierd Al Yancovic, a very funny artist. It is aprox. 11:22 long, and is featured in his album Running with Scissors.
"Hey guess what? I know all the words of Wierd al's Albuquerque!"
"Oh, yea? Well, sing it to me!"
"Well, I would, except we're not talking, i am posting a definition of the song on UrbanDictionary.com and I would post all the words, but unfortunately i cant because the stupid thing says that i have used the word 'said' too much... which is very true."
"Ah, I see. I will go look up the lyrics and download the song, then."
by Twalger April 29, 2005
(Spanish) adjective; brown and dirty.
noun; a place where drug use, crime, corrupt politics, "latin legislature", atrocious schools, and the most unsafe and inconsiderate drivers converge to live where the weather is nice, everything is dirty and dusty, and state pride is that of any other border town in Mexico; a dump.
Death Valley or any other ridiculous desert landscape looks just like Albuquerque.
by skybum February 17, 2009
the largest city in the fifth largest state in the union. cut by a river sadly named "Rio Grande" and enclosed the east by a large 10,000 foot mountain range penned "Sandia" or watermelon mountains. containing a large hispanic and native american navajo population.

also known as "The Burque" or "La Mierda" which is spanish for "the excrement"
get the f@#$ out of La Mierda as soon as possibly man
by Chevy G March 23, 2005
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