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an excuse used when one comes home with bruises from sexual encounters.
mom "what are those bruises on your neck?"

you "i went paintballing last night..and was shot in the neck..."
by ErinJoshDemyJacob October 14, 2007
The act of performing cunnilingus on a woman while she is in her menstrual cycle and then proceeding to spit the blood into her mouth.
Man, I was eating my bitch out the other night and she didn't tell me she was on the rag so I got a mouthful and came up to kiss her and gave her a paintball.

My girl keeps trying to get me to eat her out on the rag so I'm thinking about paintballing her tonight.
by TheManInIndiana July 21, 2011
the act of performing a paintball trigger maneuver while fingering a female patron
Nick is paintballing a random chick after she sucks his finger.
by PC y E July 13, 2008
The sport of "rocking" other people by shooting them with a paintball gun formaly known as the "marker" followed by severe humiliation and ridicule.
damn i smoked jimmies ass when we went paintballing last week. Then i emasculated him by stealing his girlfriend!
by Fever for the Flava March 30, 2006
It is where you shoot peopel with paint

Doug went paintballing to get in cappy's pants

dougy "Hey cappy, am gonna stick up for you and nail macpringled"

Cappy: "yeah, i must not have any other friends if i'm taking her"
by Andre3000 October 30, 2005
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