A Rapper who thinks he is the baddest guy in the rap industry just beacuse he thinks he is a convict. All he talks about is his convict this, convict that. Really he is a fake guy who has never actually been to jail.
Guy 1: Yo, have you heard Akon's latest album, Konviction?
Guy 2: Konviction? Ha! Great name since he never went to jail he's a fake breh with his fake music!
by Spikey09 November 05, 2006
Someone who portrays themseleves as some what of a kon or tries to gain from other people through clever ideologies.
Mike, i want my money back!! It been weeks and you keep making up excuses. Dont be A-kon!!
by Michael Mangwiro August 19, 2007
you all have it wrong; Akon is the anime convention in Dallas. It's usually hosted late spring/early summer. This year's Akon is June 1-3. I will be cosplaying as Dejiko from DiGi Charat. It will be so kawaii!!!
Ignorant pop-culture cretin: Yo, I heard Akon is performin' in D-Town. I'm going fo' shizzle...

Non-ignorant person: I hope you don't mind being trapped in a convention center w/ a bunch of life-long virgins dressed as cartoon characters. You may hear some j-rock, but no rap.

Me: meow! I can't wait until Akon!
by Jaime-hime May 31, 2007
He is a very good singer. After hearing Mr.Lonely, I just feel the music. I'll have to see where he and his songs get though... These site descriptions usually get carried away when talking about singers. It's like if they know them themselves. :rolls eyes:
Anyway, after hearing Mr. Lonely, I felt the need to make all the players in school hear that song.
Akon has a good voice. ^^
Keep on singing Akon! And... well... Keep on listening everyone else!!
Ghetto, Locked Up, Lonely, Gunshot. One of the greatest voices in da rap game!
Cuz' I'm locked up, they won't let me outtttttt, they won't let me out, my ZIGGANZ im locked up.. locked up.. locked up..
by theISH January 09, 2005
the voice of Ghetto.
No need to cherish luxuries (cause everythin' come and go)
Even the life that you have is borrowed
(Cause your not promised tomorrow)
by Taariq January 14, 2005
obviously...one of the illest r&b artists out right nou...wait till this man's new album drops....fire
Jill:Like...Oh my Gosh Becky, it's Akon....

Becky:Like shut The Fuck up jill...erry nigga knows Akons the sickest already
by bman718 May 18, 2005
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