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The almost factual, totally sound belief that the shit we call music today is nothing but bear scat. Britney Spears, Shakira, and all the other dimiwtted pop divas suck monkeys. Just about all modern American rap IS crap. Even most modern rock sucks monkeys (I don't want to mention any names-Creed, Panic at the Disco, etc.)
Today's music sucks. Drop that stoner shit and listen to classic rock, roots reggae, or some other form of good music.
by Supergeek February 14, 2008
A sexist hypocrytical ass whose fanbase consists of wannabe white teenage girls who have IQs of about 75 and the tastes in music of people with less than a third of that IQ; they also are so stupid they are sexist towards their own gender. His Senegalese background is most likely a hoax concocted to gain him naive fans in Africa.
Akon=Worst artist in music today
by Supergeek September 22, 2007
A gamer who only plays older systems, like arcade games, Atari, NES, Game Boy Pocket, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, N64, PS1, Game Boy Color, etc.
No Xbox or PSP for me, thanks, I'm a retro gamer.
by Supergeek August 29, 2007
The social and political system prevalent in the United States and much of the world right now. Its agenda includes white supremacy and other forms of racism to keep many ethnic and racial groups in their place (often aided by political leaders of the opressed ethnic groups), religious fundamentalism and prejudice reminescent of medieval times, inhuman levels of riches and wealth for corporations and rich individuals of the upper and upper middle class (at the expense of the environment and the great majority of the world's people), total destruction of soical welfare programs to the poor, war and imperialism on a global scale, unyielding support for Israel, and above all, a contempt for humanity.
White supremacist capitalist patriarchy rules the world right now.
by Supergeek February 12, 2008
A heavily overrated comedian who, while he is at times hilarious, like everyone says he is, has some gags which are pathetic and stupid beyond being funny at all (such as the "World Series of Dice," which is only funny to people with IQs in the negatives). People who say he is the greatest comedian of all time (many people I know have) are wrong for a fact.
Dave Chapelle is the most overrated comedian of all time.
by Supergeek April 09, 2008

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