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The farthest from the best. The most horrible. The pits. To have nothing good.
Greg is the worst. You are the worst. This is the worst. That is the worst. Or as one word; Worst, as to describe something.
by Matt Roche January 07, 2004
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used by itself without nouns or adjectives. commonly said when something you dislike occurs.
you just spilled juice on your new top.."ugh..WORST!!"
by ksmall July 08, 2005
1) the least good
2) the most ungood
by tranquil_demon September 06, 2003
Something really bad or really good! Same as "the shit" in modern parlance.
D: "I want a Bobbie!"
RAvee:"Duudeeee!!! worst!!!".
by DaTrueFuschnick October 13, 2010
The opposite of Safe, can also be a noun.
Worst man! Somebody scratched your car!

I lost my wallet, what a worst!
by ElMongol September 24, 2003
an extreme state of intoxication
Did you get worst last night?

Yeah i was worst ever
by rdssssssss November 24, 2008
also ironically means the best
He is the worst rapper around
by Awele July 12, 2005

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