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One who is or displays characteristics of one Christopher Aji. Abbreviated Aj. Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, pro-noun and any other part of speech.
What an aji.
That was aji.
by H. January 31, 2005
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To stupidify, mess up, or destroy something.
He really Ajed that test.
by Mitch Burgens January 31, 2005
Hey urban dictionary my name is Hamza and my name has a bunch of cool definitions on here but my girlfriends name is Aji and she got no cool definitions at all and only 2. Please could you guys accept and edit mine. anything will do

Aji- A fine woman who uses her beauty and curves to hypnotize men into being her husband for eternity.
I just met this girl at the club and next thing I know im a daddy and am getting married next month, damn I got ajid.
by Hamza Ahmed December 09, 2013

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