The act of throwing someone's cell phone out the window when it repeatedly causes a disturbance such as waking people up in the middle of the night, or being a persistent office annoyance.
My roommates cell phone went off at 2:30 in the morning again so I had to set it to airplane mode and watch it fly.

Mary won't stop talking on the phone at her desk so I put her cell on airplane mode. Now it's covered in snow.
by Mr. beary December 06, 2010
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When someone cuts themselves off from the world by not logging on to Facebook or checking their cell phones. Usually occurs after a breakup or a rough work week.

Derived from the cell phone setting of the same name in which incoming messages or phone calls cannot be received.
"Dan won't answer your calls. He's in airplane mode."

"Sarah went into airplane mode for three days after Charlie dumped her."
by mattalicious November 23, 2009
the state in which a laptop runs with its fans on full blast.
Dude, why is your laptop in airplane mode, are you playing WoW in class?
by frootypebbles March 02, 2011
Avoiding all technology and social networks so as not to ruin a game that you will watch the reply of later
You coming over to watch the game?
Nah man gotta work so gonna go into airplane mode and watch the replay later

hey why didnt you reply to my twitter message?
Dont wanna know the bulls score so ive been in airplane mode
by stinx2001 December 02, 2009
When a cellphone has no service, no Wi-Fi internet.
"Dude call 911!"
"Can't dude, my phone is in airplane mode"
by dzhen November 03, 2007

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