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4 definitions by mattalicious

When someone cuts themselves off from the world by not logging on to Facebook or checking their cell phones. Usually occurs after a breakup or a rough work week.

Derived from the cell phone setting of the same name in which incoming messages or phone calls cannot be received.
"Dan won't answer your calls. He's in airplane mode."

"Sarah went into airplane mode for three days after Charlie dumped her."
by mattalicious November 23, 2009
7658 1082
An alternative to 'play Grand Theft Auto.' Used for shock value or to stick it to Jack Thompson. Taken from a stereotypical action seen throughout the series.
"You wanna chill at my place after school and kill some hookers?"

"I was up late last night killing some hookers. That game is so addictive!"
by Mattalicious April 29, 2008
13 3
Using your cell phone as a beacon of light to let someone know where your at in a dark area.
I phlaired down my peeps at the movie theater last night. If I didn't, they wouldn't know where I was sitting!
by Mattalicious February 18, 2008
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Using your need for a bathroom as an excuse for not doing something.
"I thought we were going to look at that new car."
"Sorry, bro, I really have to get home and use the bathroom."
"That's a lame asscuse and you know it!"
by Mattalicious October 05, 2007
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