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a hot chik that everybody is after
yo check dat ains over dere im gona make her mine.
by ------- January 10, 2005
A person with an addiction towards markers
That girl in is definately Ain
by Shinnn February 19, 2009
The very secretive word used by men(not understood by women) to ask each other if they had completed their attempt to achieve anal sex with the woman they were with the night before.Has the ability to be used around women and never be picked up on.
So bro did you beat ain last night?
by Vliet boyze January 14, 2012
Another word for your AINus
Fag 1 - dude you owe me 20 bucks

Fag 2 - I dont owe you S#@& you can take that 20 bucks and shove it up ur AIN.
by $@ck July 12, 2008
Another word for Anus
"Man I'd like to lick her ain!
by Billistic May 20, 2003
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