1. A man of a black, "urban" background who is irresistible to the ladies. Think those Axe commercials in black guy form.

2. Any food prepared with the essence of such a man's hair, pubic or otherwise, made in order to have a similar effect.
1. "Oh shit nigga, check out all the bitches that afrodesiac be gettin'!"

2. "My new afrodesiac recipe uses the essential oil extracts of the black male pubic hair. That way, you don't get pubes stuck in your teeth, which sort of reverses the afrodesiac effect to a degree."
by iamntbatman September 19, 2009
Top Definition
an EXTREMELY fine black man
dang gurl look at him, he a afrodesiac yaddamean
by babi d March 10, 2007
A sultry, manscaped, sexually magnetic afro.
Ludacris doesn't need a pickup line with that afrodesiac.
by travlax April 22, 2009
an EXTREMELY, fine black man
dayum gurl, look at him, he a afrodesiac yaddamean
by *baby d* March 04, 2007
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