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1. A set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something, especially food.
2. A formula for or means to a desired end: a recipe for success.
3. A medical prescription.

* Meat Dish Recipes
* Vegetarian Recipes
* Desserts Recipes
* Sauce Recipes
The Recipe For Cooking is the place to come for advice on anything related to food preparation
by Yousaf Shah June 27, 2006
noun - A solution
When George finally got to the safe, he got to work on the lock. But I looked at his face after 3 minutes of fingering the combination and could tell he didn't have the recipe.
by Ben NCM April 24, 2011
A street salut, similar to 'hey' or 'sup nigga', Used extensively by the lad community of Sydney, Australia. Its true, i promise.
a: 'hey lad'
b: 'recípë bro'
a: 'whats up'
b: 'not much'

by Josh dabelstein August 02, 2007