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something considered to be a bad experience in the vein of having Ted Nugent's nutsack too close to your face during a concert. not to be confused with the Ted Nugent spandex-trapped banana (dressed to the left).
thanks a bunch for making me call the Ted Nugent frontrow loincloth teabag India customer service line. The dude could not even speak English!
by rhinozrus February 19, 2009
Chassis Vibration Sensor. dashboard object in the form of a hula girl or bobble-head with a spring
Time to check the tires; the CVS is going haywire
by rhinozrus February 12, 2009
sent a lame tweet; usually indicating that the sender is pussying out of something
He twatted at the last minute to say he's not coming. I know he's not sick and he's certainly not doing anything better.
by rhinozrus March 05, 2011
A guy working at a foreign call center whose real name is Rajesh but calls himself 'Bob' who is like the guys that say stuff like "How about those Yankees?" to Americans in order to "build rapport" even though they don't give a shit about sports, except that Hindudes will attempt to use colloquial English and slang in order to sound cool.
The Hindude said, 'sorry man, my bad one' when he fucked up my phone number. LOL.
by rhinozrus January 11, 2010
when a person saves semen in their mouth for some later purpose, e.g., to use as facecream, to use as rape "evidence", or for impregnation
In Irons vs. Phillips, Phillips ended up paying $800 per month child support even though Irons chipmunked.
by rhinozrus February 12, 2009

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