Best sport ever. All those people that say that it doesnt have skill are morons. How much skill does it take to run in a straight line at a bunch of opposition players. Compare that with weaving throught 5 or 6 players at full pace, then unleashing a perfect drop punt that hits your mate 50 metres away bang on the chest. How can leaping 6 foot onto someones back while trying to grap a moving ball is not easy. And what the fuck is the scrum in rugby league. If you still think that AFL is shitter than rugby league, look at the attendances. AFL football has 3 times attendance compared to NRL. Has no class barrier, in the amateur days, doctors played alongside plumbers, and nothing has changed. Open to any shape and size, whereas sports such as basketball and rugby only look for one shape and size
Type in Ablett in Youtube, you will realise that AFL is the greatest sport on earth.
by Richoman16 November 07, 2008
AFL, standing for Australian Football League - is the highest level of professional Australian rules football. Possibly the greatest sport ever invented.
AFL is football for real men.
It sure as hell beats American football, as the players don't wear all that pathetic padding/protection.
Anyone who says AFL is gay, is either an American who has never watched a game of real AFL football, or a stuffy Pom who thinks soccer is real football.
The main premise is to kick the ball through posts to score points. While avoiding getting tackled by other players.
More skill is involved in Australian Rules Football than Rugby League, yet many people fail to realize this.
Gay1: yo, do you wanna come dancing this weekend?
Real man: No way, I'll be watching AFL.
by TheHitMan77 July 04, 2011
AFL; abbreviation of Australian Finger League

A sport which pits competitors against each other in the sport of 'australian fingering'.

A 6 point score or 'finger' can be made when the competitor presents the middle finger upright with the remaining fingers closed in a tight fist and has his/her opponent unwillingly look at the finger.

1 point is allocated when the opponent knowingly looks at the finger.

Arguments often escalate into all out war which generally ends in a match of FIFA 08 on the nearest Xbox 360 and sometimes... only sometimes, on a Playstation 3.
OMG that guy won AFL. He must be awesome.
by David O'Donoghue August 04, 2008
the best sport going round. played in every state in australia and in many countries. Paid out by dumb rugby supporters cause we dont have scrums (arse sniffing sessions). Itleast some in QLD and NSW are realising that AFL rules. Played also in america, canada, japan, denmark, south africa and a lot more countries.
did you watch the footy?

The rugby?

No not that shit, im talking the true footy where you dont wear pads under your shirts. AFL.
by dfhdfahvccv August 28, 2008
AFL, would be the single most best sport ever to be played in the history of sport.
lets go to an afl game,

oh hell yeh mate!
by teeemop September 13, 2008
The only people who don't like AFL is asshole Sydney people and Queensland and the only thing good about Queensland is Sufers Paridise.
Afl games can get up towards 100,000 people yet a Rugby League game, if there lucky get 10,000.
Afl is an Australian sport and if you don't like it, you're un-australian.
Fuck you Sydney, Melbounre rocks!!!!
Sydney person: Rugby is so much better than Afl.

Melbounre Person: Rugby can suck my balls you asshole. Afl Rocks.

by Brett Mclovin February 08, 2008
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