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The name by which American Football is referred to outside America.
Not that interested in gridiron, really.
by Matt_TY November 15, 2003
Refers to American and Canadian football.
Gridiron is a great sport.
by left4ded August 19, 2005
Bastardised rugby.
Wake me up when its over.
by Rugger December 02, 2003
Refers to American and Canadian football.
I love the gridiron.
by left4ded April 13, 2005
1. A name for a football field
2. An internet game at www.quadgames.com that I hold the record for.
Gridiron is fun.
by Tony Fatass November 13, 2003
much like a dirty fish hook, only after you shove a finger up her ass, you wipe a mark under each eye, making him or her look like a football player.
After I gave her a gridiron, she looked like Dick butkus
by Madmike the Malevolent January 23, 2007
Name given to a copy from rugby invented by a french, where fat players wear big armors and grapple each other, kind of like wrestling. They also stop every 5 seconds for a breather, and T.V. transmissions are half commercials and the other half the actual 'event'.
Since U.S.A. is the gayest country in the world, Gridiron is very popular there.
by U.S.gAy. March 13, 2009