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A person that resides or is born in the state of Queensland, Australia.
Also known as a canetoadthey usually deck themselves out in the colours of maroon once a year for the annual State of Origin} series
Proud to be a Queenslander.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
Natives of the State of Queensland, Australia. Renowed for all being extremely good-looking and intelligent.
how hot are those girls! - they must be Queenslanders!
by what222 December 26, 2010
Someone who comes from the state of Queensland, in Australia, making them the wickedest people alive!
Im a queenslander
by Christopher Scott September 15, 2003
Queenslander was born of the festering hatred, resentment, jealousy and perceived injustice, done to them by New South Wales Rugby League, through out history ,only those who have been crushed beneath a tyrannical oppressor's heel, can truly know this feeling.
Ah mate here we go a bloody ‘gain
The Blues are whinging and they’re crying
It makes you flaming sick ya know
But it’s a trick we just ain’t buying.

They reckon they have rookies
Who will never make the grade
We know they never had a chance
No matter who they bloody played.

The time draws near, they start to shake
That self doubt will rise again
It will grow on their subconscious
And play havoc with their brain.

Take note how people that you work with
Start avoiding all your crew
Then you realise what is happening
Their skin is turning slimy blue.

Mate this is State Of Origin
It’s a feeling you can’t hide
That tingling through your body
That unbending Queensland pride.

Your guts begin a churning
The sweat pours from your brow.
There is no sitting on the fence
It’s time to take that Queensland vow.

And the Blues they just don’t get it
They can’t understand that pride
How we can love this state so much
Just how we feel deep down inside.

The battle lines are slowly drawn
You know just what I mean
You are either with us or against us
There is bugger all in between.

So bring it on you Roaches
Feel the hatred and the fear
The battle ground will run with blood
Then you will hear our victory cheer.
by Petalac May 04, 2010
Someone who is either:
- a redneck,
- a moron, or
- a poofter
Look at that fucking mole in the corner. Shit, what a Queenslander!
by Freddie Frackshat August 16, 2006

1) Aggressive redneck dickheads with an IQ marginally higher than their temperatures. Queenslanders tend to consume a shitty beer called XXXX, follow an alien footy code called Rugby League, talk slowly in an annoying broad Aussie accent (how we used to talk 20 years ago- but then they are 20 years behind the rest of us), and say "ay" at the end of each sentence.
I'm a Queenslander ay! That's why I'm thick in the head ay!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
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