Shortened name of Aéropostale a teen retailer that sells stylish clothing that is less expensive than competitors such as AE, A&F, and HCO
Becka: Wow look at this cute shirt I bought it was way cheaper than the one I got at AE !
Stacy: Wow ! Aero is awesome !
by bored21212 September 10, 2005
Top Definition
Gay, or a faggot.

Stemming from talk on, an immensly popular sports message board.
Damn brah you think that guy is aero?

Come on son, you a aero.
by h/t May 27, 2010
Interjection :
Derived from the term aerodynamic which is a posture endurance athletes try to create to decrease overall time and increase performance

1. A term used by that refers to something that is very impressive and aw inspiring with a very subtle caustic undertone.

2. Reference to a tangible object that is remarkable or sensational.
Chad: I just rode 12 hours and 137miles on my mountain bike and finished 3rd in the race!
Matt: I just ran 50k with 12,000 change in vertical feet!
Greg: I rode my mountain bike for 50,000 vertical feet in the first 2 months of the year!
Derrick: Wow, gentleman that is AERO!
by DAeroK March 05, 2012
Someone who is always working behind the scenes to help everyone else, but is always trod upon for the effort.
Anonymous Caller: I hate myself and want to die!

Aero: There is more to life than wanting to die; seek the answer from within.

Anonymous Caller: Suddenly, I have a reason to live.

Aero: What reason is that?

Anonymous Caller: F*** you, I don't need your help anymore!
Aero: Thank you for calling.
by aero March 15, 2003
The best chocolate bar ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love mint aeros............
by i dunno? April 13, 2005
The new interface in Windows Vista. Aero uses hardware rendering, and thus is smoother than previous Windows interfaces. It allows application windows to have translucent borders, and allows you to flip through your windows in 3D.

Aero was originally an acronym for "Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open". However this acronym has been dropped.

Aero requires a premium edition of Vista (Home Premium, Business, Ultimate), at least 1GB of RAM, and a 128MB 3D-enabled video card.
My new Vista computer's running Aero. I love the transparent borders and all the eye candy.

What the fuck? My Vista Basic laptop with 512MB of RAM doesn't have Aero!
by computer_guy March 01, 2008
anything of, or relating to, the rock band Aerosmith.
Hey, did you check out the new aero CD? It rocks!
by acb November 15, 2005
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