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A nickname given to Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, by those who have major problems with it.
My new computer came with Windows Hasta La Vista. I got a blue screen of death every time it booted up.
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
Windows Genuine Advantage. It is a system from Microsoft that detects whether or not you have a genuine copy of Windows, and if not, displays annoying messages and denies access to many Windows downloads. WGA is prone to failure.
Oh crap... WGA keeps popping up a box telling me my Windows isn't genuine. Now I cant download Media Player 11. What the fuck, I've got the COA right here!
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
A nickname for Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET programming language, given by users of Visual Basic 6. The name originated from the fact that Visual Basic .NET differs greatly from Visual Basic 6 and thus should not use the same name.
Call it Visual Bob, Visual Fred... anything but Visual Basic. It's just not the same programming language!
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
A digital audio/video player made by SanDisk, which also includes an FM radio, voice recorder, and image viewer. A Sansa is cheaper than an iPod, but is way better for the money.

By installing RockBox on your Sansa, you can add games, applications, and more. Also, with RockBox, a Sansa can actually play videos longer than 10 minutes in length and can play MPEG files with much better compression than the default firmware's MJPEG-in-MOV files.
My $80 Sansa can do more than your $250 iPod Nano.
by computer_guy August 03, 2008
In computers, a program that modifies the code of another in order to bypass copy protection techniques. Cracks are often applied to trial programs or programs requiring product activation.
My copy of Windows didn't activate so I downloaded a crack and now it works.
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
A string of numbers and letters used to identify a software product and make sure that the user is using a valid copy. Sometimes referred to as a CD key.
I had to type in the 25-digit Windows XP product key in TWICE cause I mistyped one letter.

I bet Windows 2099 will require users to enter a 200-digit product key and then re-confirm it.
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
The act of illegally copying and distributing commercial software. Software piracy can range from simply letting a friend "borrow" a CD-ROM to actually selling pirated software and passing it off as genuine.

Software companies employ various methods to fight piracy, including product activation and CD keys.
My friend let me borrow his Office CD; I accepted, even though this was software piracy.

Those guys selling copies of Windows Vista Ultimate for $15 a copy are guilty of software piracy.
by computer_guy February 18, 2008

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