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One of only a few bands to have two albums sell at least 10 million copies each in the U.S. Hysteria and Pyromania are two of the greatest rock records ever, featuring such hits as "Photograph", "Rock of Ages", "Foolin'", "Too Late For Love", "Rock, Rock (Til You Drop)", "Women", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "Armageddon It", "Rocket", and "Hysteria". Famous for ripped jeans, lead singer Joe Elliot's mullet, pioneers in the multi-neon-color fashion, innovators in in-the-round concert setups, British rock band stereotypes, their one armed drummer Rick Allen, electronic drum sets, the guitarists known as the "terror twins" Steve Clark and Phil Collen, and their eccentric bassist/keyboardist Rick Savage. The band was hit with more tragedy when Clark died of alcoholsim in 1991. They are still going strong and their fanbase now spans multiple generations.
Def Leppard is one of the few rock bands from the 1980s that people still care about.
by acb March 21, 2006
The lead guitarist for Aerosmith. Known for playing guitar solos behind his back, usage of the slide guitar, and beating his guitar with his shirt. He is cooler than thou, has long black hair, and plays guitar very freestyle, yet is a highly skilled and respected musician. He provides backup vocals to Aerosmith and even sings lead vocals sometimes. In the 1970s, he and Steven Tyler were known as the Toxic Twins for their legendary drug abuse. Today, he is sober and spends his time making music and enjoying life with his family.
Damn, I wish I could be like Joe Perry. Making millions of dollars playing guitar and attracting all the ladies.
by acb April 30, 2007
Northern Illinois University, the 2nd largest institution of higher education in the state of Illinois.
NIU football rocks!
I'm going to go see my buddy at NIU this week.
by acb November 15, 2005
The term to describe unplanned and rampant suburban and urban growth because of the way it eats up the landscape and "sprawls" out the extent of a metropolitan area. Typical things associated with sprawl are megastores, identical housing, large yards, and 8-lane roads.
Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando are products of sprawl, in addition to millions of suburbs everywhere.
by acb November 15, 2005
1.) When a man and woman, involved in an intimate sexual relationship, permanently live together but aren't married.

2.) A hit single by Bon Jovi in 1989.
1.) Bill and Susie are living in sin...they've been living together and having sex but aren't married

2.) "I call it love, they call it living in sin"
by acb November 19, 2006
1.) The reason liberal democrats should never be elected to Congress or the U.S. Presidency.

2.) The reason Chicago is the murder capital of the nation.

3.) The reason why innocent people are easily murdered.

4.) The reason why the NRA has millions of members.
Gun control is a violation of the 2nd Amendment and freedom as a whole. Putting into place gun control only makes law-abiding citizens defenseless against criminals who will still find a way to harm and kill. Crime usually goes up in places where gun control exists, such as Chicago and the United Kingdom. It also causes people to be less happy and less physically active, as millions of people engage in recreational sports involving firearms. Liberal democrats can never be allowed to govern this nation as their policies usually call for gun control, which inhibits human freedom and ignores the laws of the U.S. Constitution. Remember that one of the first things Hitler took away from people was their guns.
by acb November 26, 2006
A sarcastic spin on the common phrase. It is what you tell someone when they get in your way or are making you unhappy. It was originated by Bon Jovi in 2005, and coincides with the red, box-shaped, smirk...a spin on the popular yellow smiley face.
"When the world gets in my face, I say...Have a Nice Day!!"
by acb November 14, 2005

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