A word overused by teenage girls similarly to the way they use literally, like, omg, and right now. It's a catch-all descriptive word they use to characterize any and everything they can. If a young girl cannot think of a term to describe a subject in under .03 seconds, she will immediately resort to the term "adorable".The use of this word shows how uneducated girls are and their desire to be exactly like every other god damn girl in the nation. Could be synonymous for almost every other word in the English language.

If you hear such girl use this term, try gentle corrective measures. If such disgraceful behavior continues or worsens either beat said girl until she learns or call the police.

Girls: for the sake of your own image and worth, please end the madness that is "adorable". It honestly makes you look unintelligent and ignorant.

The word adorable should be reserved for use when the described subject is actually of such magnitude. A proper example of a subject worthy of use may be a puppy or a kitten. Cars, houses, grown men, etc. are not adorable.
Mainstream Girl 1: "Omg! Like look at that bucket of paint over there!"
Mainstream Girl 2: "I literally can't even right now! That color is so adorable."
Sensible Guy: "Shut the fuck up!" *backhands girl who had to use the word adorable to describe paint*
by Vinsizzle McFizzle June 12, 2014
A word used to describe a puppy or to describe someone you are as interested in being romantically involved with about as much as you are with a puppy.
1. That puppy is so adorable.
2. John is an adorable guy, one day he will find someone that to love him.
by Superlinguist February 13, 2013
Cassie, even though she dont think so
by Yur Derd May 31, 2015
Amandalynn Lenahan's sneeze.
Amandalynn: *atteww*
Everyone else: AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3 so adorable <3 <3 <3
by definatelynotjaicie March 28, 2014
this so girl called Amie is obviously the a d o r a b l e s t of em all! no competition!
Have you met Amie? She's so damn adorable!
by OOMF June 26, 2013
Something extremely cute. Things or people that resemble James Medina.
That kid is adorable.
by yoshimitree November 22, 2010
An amazing word used by some wankers to describe almost anything from two guys holding hands to your best friend running over a cat.
. . . . Um, that's adorable, man.
by Weiner's Weiner :) June 15, 2011

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