A word to describe that girl at your school who has THE cutest qualities.
Cute fashion sense, a pretty face and compact body, says the sweetest things, looks so little and precious next to her boyfriend, to point where you want to pinch her cheeks and are a little envious!
Dom: I haven't seen that girl before! She is really cute!
Sarah: Yeah, she's in my English class, she always wears the prettiest things.
Vivian: I talked to her for only five minutes during lunch and i wanted to pick her up and pinch her cheeks! She is adorable!
by sp00kish July 02, 2009
Tim Allen
e.g. Tim Allen is adorable, Adorably... Tim Allen
by Alliandra May 02, 2010
what a certain little brother is when he's not being a dismissive ickle bruv.
you're an adorable little brother, yes you are.
by fougs July 30, 2006
That one girl who has her own unique quirky ways that you just love and can't help but smile at, who is just unbelievably tute in every way, looks and personality.
e.g: My leechy is so adorable
by pesty =) March 14, 2011
adjective; something or someone that is lovable, cuddly, and cute
Callie Smith is very adorable
by scorpionrock November 30, 2009
Funny, Unbelievably charming, Lovable, spectacularly cute in every way. So modest that they will always deny when called out about it.
The Great Giraffe Princess is the most adorable and well loved princess of them all.
by Mr.Shoe December 11, 2013
Inspiring great affection; delightful; charming; extremely cute
Paige is a very adorable girl, all the boys fall for her
by Okazaki121 September 21, 2013
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